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Introductory reading

Welcome to the Grad Jobs Level-Up program!

Here we learn how to land the jobs we want and lead the lives of our dreams.

If you’re wondering if it works – it works. If you’re wondering if people are getting results – they are. If you think you know everything already – you don’t. If you’re wondering how you can get results – here’s how:

Make sure to:

  • Watch every video and complete every action item (see materials section for each module). Solid foundations = success.
  • Complete the program content within 8 weeks (if working or studying). Else, complete it in 4 weeks.
  • Track everything in this tracking tool to succeed: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IqraIjm1thWC_vGLIQreA18bzIySz2zJtlaDhqfQ_A8.
  • Ask for help. The 3 best methods of support are ranked as follows:
    • 1st = Level-Up LinkedIn group
      • Post your question in the Level-Up LinkedIn group (if you haven’t received an invite yet, email [email protected])
    • 2nd = join our bi-weekly check-in calls (webinars) via ZOOM (see links within LinkedIn group)
    • 3rd = email [email protected] with a clear question and attach all supporting information (e.g. job description, resume etc.)

Without executing on YOUR plan, you become part of somebody else’s

Let’s do the work!!!

Mackenzie (Founder, Grad Jobs)