Cold messages

Q: I applied for a role a month ago and sent an alongside a message to the MD and CEO. I haven’t heard back from them. Do you think I should follow up with the MD?

A: Tricky situation. If the job advert is still open, it might be safer to wait, so you don’t annoy them. If the job has been closed for more than 3 days, then I would follow up, not because they didn’t respond to your message, but because you want to show that you’re genuinely interested in the role, and are hoping to get a status update.

Q: I have been referred to an advertised job by a senior manager. Do I also need to apply and message the hiring manager (alongside message)?

A: Just because you have a referral, there is still a risk that they forget or don’t follow through. Therefore, it’s usually safe to apply for the role and send an alongside message anyway. This is best practice as it helps connect your online presence to your physical presence.

Q: How would you tell a hiring manager who you’ve been speaking to that you’ve uploaded your documents/application without being too direct?

A: Example message: “Dear xx, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve applied to the job through the online portal. If there is anything else that I can help with to ensure things can run smoothly from your end, please let me know! Thank you for the opportunity to apply. Keep well. Your name.”