How to succeed

1. Use our powerful resources

– At the time of writing, we’ve helped students and graduates to secure 190+ job/internship offers using these resources provided in this program (below). People who get the best and fastest results tend to complete all of the content end-to-end (week 1 through to week 8), including the prescribed action items. It’s a bit of work, but totally worth it. Don’t be afraid to dip into different sections as and when you need it.

– Below, you have access to 30+ hours of coaching videos and accompanying templates, worksheets, process maps, scripts etc. Here, Mackenzie guides you through his end-to-end process for landing jobs/internships.

2. Use our support network

(a) Unlimited email support – Email [email protected] any time you have questions, want document reviews, are facing problems or just feel stuck Do not hesitate to get in touch. We want to help you. Ideally, we’d like you to attend one every single week. These are fantastic for interview practice.

(c) 2 x weekly Q&A calls – You can get my personal help 2 x per week:

Call A: Tuesday 7pm Sydney time – link here

Call B: Friday 12pm Sydney time – link here

(c) Interview practice – Once you get interviews, we are here to help. When you get an interview make sure to go through our end-to-end interview training in week 7 of this program. Once you have completed this content and all action items, reach out to [email protected] with your availability over the next 5 days to book interview practice with Mackenzie.

(d) Private LinkedIn group – Please join our private LinkedIn group (link here). Here is where we post links to the Q&A calls and client success stories. You can also build relationships with other people in the group. We highly recommend practicing for interviews with other members too. All you have to do is follow this workflow to make it happen. Many of the members have already been successful and may be able to help you with advice or referrals. Just say “hello!”. It’s also a great place to find an accountability buddy.

3. Have the right mindset

(a) Take responsibility – Only you are responsible for your success. We have provided everything you need to succeed. And we’re here to help you all the way. There are no excuses. Treat this program like a job. Complete the material in full. Perform at your highest standards. Use the resources. Get help whenever needed. If you don’t take responsibility, don’t expect results.

(b) Never give up – This is an intricate process. Expect to fail here and there. And instead of getting upset, listen to the feedback and come back stronger. No matter what happens on the journey, there is usually a way around it. Believe that you will achieve the desired result no matter what setbacks you face. Sometimes we need to adjust our expectations. And that’s okay.