Should I spend my time applying for this job?

Question: Can you help me apply to this role?


1. My thoughts on the strategy consultant role

​We only have 24 hours in a day. After sleeping, eating, working out, family time etc., there is much less. Given we only have a small amount of time to achieve our desired result, we must spend it on the right things.

​Remember. To land an offer, we must be a very valuable candidate relative to our competition. So, before investing a ton of time in preparing an application, it’s often a good idea to perform some quick checks to ensure we have a decent shot at the role (e.g. 70%+ match).

​When I look at the strategy consultant job description, it seems like you could be a good fit. But remember, the job description is just one part of the equation. Sometimes, the company will set lower or higher expectations in the job description relative to what they are actually looking for. So, another way to test whether you could be a valuable candidate is to analyse their current employees. Why? Because this tells us precisely what a valuable candidate looks like right now. 

​For example, I researched a few of the strategy consultants/analysts at the company on LinkedIn. To find this out, you can click on the company and search “strategy”.

​What I noticed is that the analysts/consultants have a ton of experience. For example, Audrey is in the same position that you want to apply to and has ~3.5 years of associate experience at NAB. Here are some examples:

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– ​
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​If you can’t find data on this, another way to figure it out is to send a lovely message to the team (ideally the person who would be your boss if you got the role) at the organisation asking if they’d be willing to have a 5-minute chat (strategy for this in week 7). We have plenty of templates for this. Then you can talk to them heart-to-heart, understand more about the role, see if you are a good fit, build an industry relationship, and get some excellent advice. In my opinion, this is a far better use of time. And if they think you’re a great fit, they will usually ask you to apply anyway!

​In summary, if I were in your shoes, I would perform these quick checks before investing a ton of time into any application. In this case, my personal view is that applying to the role will not result in an interview. So, I might instead send a message and ask for a chat (as per above). 

​2. My recommended next steps

​​To achieve the end result, my view is that we should define exactly what we want first, e.g., what specific jobs and companies. Then, we can do some research to figure out precisely what a truly valuable candidate looks like there (e.g. using some of the methods outlined above). Once we do that, we can carve a realistic roadmap (or strategy) to get there. Then we work backwards to find the best next step job/internship. I cover this in the first few weeks of the content in detail.

​At this stage, I would recommend taking a step back to do this bit of research. This would mean going through the first 3 weeks of the program content. It might take 1-2 days to get your head around it, but the logical next steps will become very clear once you do. It’s an excellent investment of time.

​Also, here is a video where I explain the process more visually.

​Once you’ve done this, you can double down on the best logical next jobs for you and start moving forward fast.

​If you have any questions, let me know.

​I hope this is valuable.