What to do if the company says, “apply through the website” and there aren’t any relevant positions?

Potential answer:

Dear [their first name].

I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate you getting back to me.

I’ve had a look at the website but didn’t find anything that I feel I’d be a fantastic fit for at this stage.

I am a little bit curious though. Are there any important projects that the team hasn’t had the time to complete, but could drive the business forward?

If there is an opportunity to assist with any of these, even on an internship basis, I’d love to help!

Here are some examples of things that I could help you with:

  • Generating SQL reports
  • Developing dashboards in Tableau for presentation of insights
  • Statistical analysis of data in Python
  • Data Collection and Data Management (Web Scraping, API’s, SQL)
  • Competetitor analysis
  • General data analysis

As you can see, I would love to help the team out in any capacity. If not, I totally understand.

Thanks again.

[your first name]