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"Undoubtedly, it has been the best investment I've made, providing an incredible community."
Roha Asad
Business Analyst, Deloitte
"I would never think twice before joining this program... it's worth every dollar and probably priceless..."
Ishita Gupta
Analyst, Deloitte Tax
"Best investment I have ever made, if you're someone struggling to get your dream job Grad Jobs is the way."
Zachary H.
Recruitment Consultant, SRG
"An incredible mentor... I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to propel their career forward."
Aniket Panesar
Actuary, EY
"Helped me land a role with PWC... If you trust him and his process, you will definitely land your dream role."
Prerit Rajput
Data Analyst, PWC
"My interview ratio increased exponentially... I recommend him to everyone I know."
Rakshit Ratan
Business Analyst, EY
"Went above and beyond... highly recommend... managed to secure a role just 8 weeks after joining."
Fairooz Waqar
Civil Engineer, Jacobs
"Unequivocally the best in his field... recommend others seeking super-charged results to speak to him."
Brook Lewis
Corporate Finance, Paxon
"I believe every university student should enrol in his program... a friendly person too!"
Aidil Abdullah
UX/UI Designer, Fusion Sports
"Exceeded all my expectation... guiding me every step of the way... this program is an absolute must!"
Kay Xu
Project Coordinator, Prysmian
"The most amazing program to help you with your dream job search. I highly recommend their program!"
Wikus Theunissen
Technology Analyst, GB Auto
"I got truly valuable mentoring classes... I am sincerely grateful for the unwavering support and mentorship."
Yinhao Deng
Data Specialist, Telstra
"His guidance, motivation and support helped me to land my dream jobs, and also improved my mindset."
Matthew Chan
Consultant, Deloitte
"Mackenzie has built a streamlined system which has created proven results... highly recommend."
Yash Wadhwa
Control Systems Engineer, Daifuku
"Grad Jobs and Mackenzie are just AMAZING! Can't thank you enough for helping me to get my dream job!"
Sarah Sentoso
Consultant, KPMG
"Without his guidance, I would not be where I am today... people like Mackenzie are a blessing."
Maheeyan Khan
Marketing Analyst, AOL
"I have finally landed my dream job after battling with 7 months of job search in the pandemic."
Tanzim Siddiqui
App Support Engineer, Nintex
"An amazing community and ultimate resources... amazing journey... my first job in Australia."
Amrutha Venkatesh
Data Analyst, Government
"The team at Grad Jobs are truly amazing... guaranteed to help anyone looking for their first professional role."
Tanvir Ahmed
Data Graduate, Circana
"Your ulitimate one stop to getting a job in Australia... well-worth every penny... lucky to have come across this."
Neha Ram
Marketing Coordinator, Zone
"Grad Jobs coaches helped me to land my dream role... are always their to help... definitely 10/10 service."
Unnimaya Bala
Analyst, HSBC
"An amazing platform that’s helps you land your dream role... it completely transforms they way you find jobs."
Daksh Mukhra
Data Scientist, ATO
"Within 2 months I successfully got a job... You're losing big time if you are not joining Grad Jobs... just go for it..."
Vikram Gaur
Business Analyst, Government
"Within the first 2 weeks... I managed to get 3 interviews. From those... I got 2 positions offered to me."
Saxon Smith
Sales Director, City Realty
"Mackenzie is a legend at what he does and you're in safe hands under him. He's always there for you."
Shivang Rana
IT Consultant, RemoteHQ
"The best person to get guidance from... goes above and beyond... to have him on your side is an asset."
Mohammad Nafey
Mechanical Engineer, Waterman
"A great mentor... you cannot go wrong with his help... would highly recommend Mackenzie."
Peter Kim
Audit Graduate, Deloitte
"A fantastic mentor... will always be there when you need guidance... highly recommend."
Mohammed Afzali
Structural Engineer, ASC
"His strategies, his positive attitude, motivation, and just being there for you makes him a fantastic mentor."
Technology Associate, Infosys
"Highly skilled in career coaching... well versed in tailoring strategies... has my highest regards."
Deep Bansode
Business Analyst, Newcastle A.
"Knowing how to succeed in a new market is invaluable... can't thank you enough for helping everyone."
Arnav Bhattacharji
Consultant, KPMG
"I thought Grad Jobs was already amazing. I couldn't imagine how much more he could improve it."
Jericho Limpin
Risk Intern, Macquarie Group
"A fantastic service... helped me get into Westpac and as a result I am now at PwC. Thanks Mack."
Sam Zweck
Associate, PWC
"I have never been this positively inspired by anyone in my life! He goes above and beyond (literallyyyy)."
Preema Nair
Business Analyst, Health Metrics
"Highly recommend... helped me land my first job in Australia... supportive and happy to answer any questions."
Samantha Nguyen
Marketing Coordinator, Frizelle
"Course was helpful and definitely turbocharges your recruitment strategy... catch-ups are helpful."
Sehajbir Singh
Consultant, Deloitte
"An amazing mentor... If one follows the details of the process they are sure to land their dream job."
Shubhang Joshi
Engineer, Wilson Transformer
"His constant support and dedication is out of the world. With him by your side, you can convert any offer."
Sravya Nedunuri
Product Management, PS
"I am beyond delighted that I have found my dream role and am enjoying it... highly recommend."
Rahul Anand
Product, Bucher Municipal
"Glad to have crossed paths... result was amazing and could not achieved it without his amazing program."
Bomi Lee
Analyst, Deloitte
"After a month, I started getting interviews... and within 3 months I got 2 offers... trust me, it's worth it."
Tanvir Ahmed
Accountant, Spiecapag
"He has developed a full proof system to help grads get a job... reach out to him... you will see why."
Udit Arora
Data Consultant, United Energy
"One of the finest human beings I have come across... helped me in cracking multiple interviews."
Nikhil Mundhe
Lead Developer, Nokia
"I would recommend anyone looking for their dream jobs to definitely work with Mackenzie."
Kiam Jackson
Consultant, EY
"Knows the job market to its core... you can start applying his methods from day one and see the results."
Maharshi Patel
Desktop Support Analyst, SMEC
"Highly recommend... strategies to find the job is really amazing... he is always ready to help."
Harmanjot Kaur
Cyber Advisory, Deloitte
"Such a brilliant thinker...definitely recommend him to anyone looking to kick-start a new career."
Thanesh Pannir
Site Reliability Engineer, ANZ Bank
"He really helped me out to find a job and that's also just within two months... please reach out to him."
Navneet Kaur
Consultant, Capgemini
"His mentoring can do wonders for you. I can see him mentor thousands of students in the next few years."
Divyam Gandhakwala
Electrical Engineer, UPS Solutions
"One of the most inspiring people I have known... the resources he has are a treasure."
Jashvi Mehta
Graduate, NSW Government
"A genuine human who helped me grow. A perfect mentor who has been with me through thick and thin."
Ankit Soni
DevOps Engineer, JobAdder
"Within two months of joining the program I got a offer as a graduate auditor... it will work like magic."
Raff Bhattarai
Auditor, ASF Audits
"Resources coupled with knowledge of the market are an invaluable asset... highly recommend."
Uday Bachan
Investment Associate, Frontier
"A great mentor... I would recommend his services to anyone looking to enter the job market.
Kunal Ponanna
Civil Site Engineer
"He helps you hit the right spot, whether it be an initial conversation with a recruiter, resume, cover letter."
Gyani Bahety
Account Executive, Cre8ive
"Working with him has been an absolute joy... one of the most genuine and nicest people I've met."
Brian Rumao
Financial Advisory, PWC
"Helped me in landing my first IT job which I had been struggling for over a year... you have been amazing!"
Karanpreet Singh
Analyst, ING Bank
"Incredibly passionate in helping people achieving their career goals... highly recommend his program."
Kimberly Gunawan
Investment Associate, Arkblu
"I had given up... would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling to get their dream job."
Ananya Batra
Parelagal, WLS
"I was lucky to get the right guidance at the right time... truly honoured to work with him... a legend!"
Ayo Wijethunga
Business Analyst, Discovery Group
"Mackenzie and his strategies are absolutely amazing. He knows how to make things easy."
Hardik Gevariya
Production Engineer
"Best mentor everyone should have... helped me turn my life around, not only landing my dream job."
Prachi Mandhare
Project Engineer, Wipro
"A standout mentor everyone needs in their life! A valuable asset for anyone looking to grow!"
Lakshitaa Mukkatira
Consultant, Deloitte
"Highly recommend... his results are proven and works for almost everyone... rating of 5/5."
Vivek Nimmagadda
Data Analyst, Lucid Insights
"An incredible coach and a friend... anyone who engages with Mackenzie would feel their connection magical."
Navreen Kaur
Clinical Governance, Government
"He is a gem of a person... a kind human from the heart... I really don't have words to say thanks."
Yashmeen Kaur
Business Analyst, Abrantix
"A genuine and very kind human... A perfect mentor who has been with me for all the stages of my job hunt."
Tarak Dudani
Reporting Analyst, Startek
"He not only trained me about finding the right opportunities... but he also motivated me in my every step."
Ishan Vadwala
Business Analyst, Newpath
"Always positive and know how to bring the best our of you... I would highly recommend Mackenzie."
Pat Chaiyabud
Data Engineer, Data Foundry
"Supports and guides you constantly... recommend him to anyone trying to get their dream job!"
Thisuri Weerasinghe
Accountant, Government
"Helped me in the lowest points in my life... helping me secure multiple interviews with top firms."
Dinesh Siva
Advisor, KPMG
"Our combo really hits the mark within a month... his resources are top notch and up to date."
Dhana Vetrivel
Risk Consultant, PWC
"I highly recommend Mackenzie, I am confident that under his mentorship, goals are achieved."
Nishant Bhagat
Service Engineer, Fujifilm
"I would highly encourage anyone who is struggling with securing a job to speak with Mack."
Muhammad Ashham
Assistant Accountant, Presidential Accounting
"If someone is looking to turn his/her dream job a reality, I strongly recommend you surely give it a go."
Sarthak Walia
Management Trainee
"He taught me how to communicate my value... you can tell that he is invested in your success."
Donna Bat-Erdene
Consultant, PWC
"I am incredibly grateful to have worked with Mackenzie. I found his advice invaluable."
Chris Lu
Commercial Advisory, KPMG
"Mackenzie trained me about finding the right opportunities and motivated me for my every step."
Dharmendra Puri
IT Support Engineer, Consulting IT
"Always goes above and beyond... backs up his ideas with clear plans... strongly recommend."
Aiman Rahman
Business Analyst, EY
"Highly recommend reaching out if you need guidance on your career journey or pursuing your dream job!"
Raghib Chowdhury
Analyst, KPMG
"A fantastic mentor... invaluable when it came to providing guidance in searching for a grad position."
Nathanial Hutton
Tech Consultant, Wolters Kluwer
"He works consistently with his students and provide them support whenever they need."
Milan Gahlot
Test Analyst, Government
"Simply fantastic with helping young people achieve their entry level graduate opportunities."
Kaizer Rodrigues
Consultant, Capgemini
"Really proud to know Mackenzie. Will recommend others reach out to him for any career support."
Vikash Kumar
Project Management, PWC
"A great mentor, seasoned professional, and coach, he gets my top recommendation."
Anuj Shukla
Analyst, PWC
"Constantly instilling confidence in me, helping me take tactical steps which eventually changed my life!"
Karen Ngo
Auditor, Deloitte
"He understands exactly how the next generation of companies and employers think."
Ray Thanni
Product Manager, Sydney Opera House
"Outside of seeking a job he inspired me a lot in my daily life. He'll be one of your best friends and teachers."
Xiaodong Deng
Test Analyst, NAB
"He takes time to understand your goals, and will go above and beyond... I can't thank him enough."
Varun Menon
Mechanical Engineer, Score Group
"If you are job hunting... I can highly recommend getting in touch with Mackenzie."
Trystan Mortimer
Business Analyst, Ventia

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